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Good game

Siren Head Stranded: Tu coche se quedó sin gasolina en una carretera rural casi abandonada en mitad de la nada, varado y solo, tu única esperanza para abandonar este inquietante bosque oscuro es una gasolinera que hay más hacia adelante, pero algo más acecha en estos bosques y te acecha desde lejos, burlándose de ti con sonidos horriblemente antinaturales y alarmantemente fuertes. ¿Podrás escapar con tu vida?, muchas gracias por crear el juego, saludos a todos!!!!

Game starts at 23:57 that shit was scary afffff but funny when the guy said how drunk was he when he wrote that i wouldve just walked home like hell nahhhhh but great game i think i glitched it or sum idk but yeah very nice game


Este juego está de locos! Debería estar en Steam . Muchas gracias por el juego. Buen precio y mucho terror

That was fun, Quite different than most horror games I played.

Wow this game is cool but some times it scared me that sire head.

Can you make/release this Mobile version of Siren Head Stranded games?🙂

that would be impossible without some extreme graphical downgrades completely ruining the atmosphere. 

is this a UE4 game?



Thanks for all the screen tearing.  Oh and the complete lack of controller support.  Great job.


Your PC is trash, and you can survive playing with a mouse and keyboard.  This is an indie game; they don't need to cater to the needs of every minority.


THAT WAS SO GOOD! I really enjoyed that game, especially its spooky atmosphere that just won't let you relax. it becomes kind of predictable when you get used to its mechanics, but I give this solid 8/10. 
in the end where sirenhead had "died" and you needed to go to your car again was the most scary part. I thought I was going to sh!t myself if something would've jumped at me lmao. and as I see my assumptions that there were more than one sirenhead roaming around turned out to be true (this thing popped out literally out of nowhere sometimes when I had clearly seen it walking in the other direction)

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Game really scared the sh*t out of me. Different settings such as vhs is a good feature as always. AMAZING SIREN HEAD GAME! Hopefully Hexcore games makes another


This game was soo spooky i'm talking about the atmosphere and random Siren head appearance's. But some cut scenes is very pointless, you should fix that in a future update and make it more scary and worthwhile. Some minor bugs and glitches can be found, like penetrating some trees like a ghost, sticking on the fence or some rocks. But overall it was a pretty solid siren head game. I rate it 7 out of 10. Thank you Hex core.

I loved the atmosphere and the environment. The only nitpick I have is that I wish there was more interaction with the Siren Head, the world seemed a bit empty and vast, given the task we needed to do. Overall not a bad game to play for fun!

The sounds Siren head is making are insane, gives goosebumps! The graphics, map design, the small story behind it is perfect! I enjoyed this game a lot, even though it was without jump scares! :) Good Job Developer Hex Core! :)

my goofy ahh computer can’t run this even on low graphics. It doesn’t crash but it won’t get past the loading screen. I might just need to wait a bit longer but after like 5 minutes still nothing

the best Siren head game for me !!

What engine was this made with? I'm curious.



Definitely one of the best Siren Head games out there! Absolutely loved it and the AI was so fun trying to figure out! 



This is definitely one of my favourite Siren Head. It's almost perfect and I really loved playing it 

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Captured the essence of Siren head very well and good thing you didn't forgot that it's not a single creature and that there is a whole colony of them. Very atmospheric, love the audio ques for when it approaches and starts walking your way. Balanced quite well in my opinion and thank you for making this!

It says it will take *1 DAY* to download

I had such a good and spooky time playing this game! This is the only siren head game I’ve personally played but out of all the ones I’ve seen this has got to be one of my favorites! One thing that I was very happy about was the waypoint popping up after a while of not finding the right location. I have a really bad sense of direction so that was a lifesaver!


Damn! What an amazing Siren Head game! We loved the atmosphere and were really scared at the moment he followed us! Great job and keep it up please! 

Se convirtió en mi juego de Siren Head favorito. Me costó trabajo y mucho miedo. Espectacular.

Recharging flashlight makes this game bit hard. ;) 5/5

hex core i want you to add a part 2 to this game and what i want is after we were driving away from 3 Siren head's we crash and get out of the car and run somewhere and they can't find you but you ran into a new aera and now you will have to find another working car that you can use to escape this stranded place one and for all

but does he have to?

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I want him too because he has done an amazing job with the first par

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Yes, but that doesn't mean he wants to. Your first comment seemed a little pushy, that's all. If he makes another one, that's cool, but only if he really enjoys making it.


If I could give a critic and bug report.

I think the Siren Head jumpscare could use improvement, the camera just waving back and forth while there's a sinister laugh just makes the jumpscare and death scene look a little goofy. It just doesn't feel like a scary looking jumpscare if I'm honest.

Also for the bug report, it's possible to interact with and pick up the shed items through the walls while being outside and without going into the shed at all, also Siren Head can even get you through the shed walls too.

Aside from my one little bit of criticism and the bug report, the game is very damn good, I played it on my channel a long time ago, and I believe this to be one of the best Siren Head games that was ever made and arguably the scariest Siren Head game I ever played. Here's my own gameplay video of it from a long time ago if you are interested.

How to download the game 

You can hit the "Download Now" button at the top of the page, then put in $0 if you want to be taken to the download page for free. Have fun!

como iniciar o jogo , não sai da tela de carregamento


Awesome game, guys! Super creepy and I love your interpretation.

i love this game so creepy graphics and he way taller the dumm ones are like 10 feet but this one is like 40-50ish  


he game is great, I went through it all and it's a pity that there are no further updates :)


Late to the party, but hey? Why not rep what I found to be the best Siren Head experience I've had so far? Very nice work on this my dude! The atmosphere was excellent.

i cant download gives me an error that the file is broken please help i need this

Seems like the download is working just fine for me! Try refreshing the page, or maybe a different browser. Also note that we only have a Windows build available and will not be creating Mac or Linux builds.


I would download it but my heart cant handle it

SAMEE! I know just how you feel.


This is THE best siren head game I've ever played. It is very well made and is really fun to play even when you have beaten it around a dozen times, 10/10. one problem is with this game it that it is SO fun there is enough content but with more it would be way better.

quais são os requisitos minimos para jogar


Possibly the best Siren Head game out there... held a tense atmosphere throughout and some great cutscenes to add into the story. Feel free to have a look at my gameplay below.

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