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Here's my gameplay which starts at 25:55


“Somethings not good here” sums up the character’s experience pretty well lol


Best siren head game ever!!! High Graphics make this game like real, i have best scary moment at this game.

Great play through! Glad you liked the game!


I like your work thanks for the efforts. :)

Super quick play through, nice job!

Thanks :)


Very cool!! I made you guys a lil video:" 

Thanks for the lil video! Happy you had fun playing it!

< 3


Full Play

Fantastic reaction at the end man! Glad you enjoyed!

thanks buddy!

I just want to report a bug that isn't frustrating but it does make the game easy to beat, you can pick up things in the shed through the walls and easly get the pliers without unlocking the door. i hope this helps improving the game more.

Whoa! Thanks for letting us know! Should be an easy fix.

Nicely done game. Had fun playing it. 

I'm so happy you noticed Tiny Box Tim! Thanks for playing!

That was amazing! Out of all the games trying to capture the feeling of the creepypasta, Yours definitely takes the cake! The assets look great, the shading and ambient fog lower the visibility so much that you have to rely on your hearing, creating that terrifying feeling when you hear the siren sounds moving around you. And of course, the audio samples are just amazing! The ending also broadens the Siren head lore as a whole, so that's a Bonus point! 21/20! It was a pleasure to play this game, and I look forward to what you make! In the mean time, I've made a video of my experience with this game, if you want to check it out!


Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it, it was fun to listen to you try to figure out how the AI determines when to attack you.


Hey, no problem! I loved that part, it was a whole new mechanic you created for the monster and (when I finally understood it) I loved it!

This is definitely one of the better siren games I have played and definitely the best siren head monster i have seen! The sounds it made, the size and the grotesque nature of siren head was amazing! Keep up the good work my friend! :)

Thank you! We spent quite a bit of time tuning the audio and tweaking the Siren Head character mesh to make it as unsettling as possible.

Very well made game! Great atmosphere and a good length.
Really enjoyed it (even though I shit myself lol)

That is by far the best compliment you could ever give us! Thanks for playing!

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This Game looks So Good.

This is the best Siren Head Game I have played so far! The fear factor is nice and creepy. The graphics are well done. 

Thank you so much! We spent quite a bit of time tweaking the game so it would be as creepy as we could make it.

I loved this game!! This is literally the best Siren Head game i've ever played! I loved this I really did get scared and thank you for this game! I hope to see more games from you bro!

Thanks for the compliments man! We really tried to make the game stand out and we're glad we could could scare you!


Thanks, our artist spent a ton of time making it look just right!

I think this is perhaps the best Siren head game I have played to date, there have been so many I have lost count but this one actually has a sense of progression. Great graphics and gameplay mechanic, the cut scenes threw me off though but otherwise great game!

Thanks for playing! We put a lot of effort into making SH: Stranded stand out from the crowd, it's good to see that its working!

One of the best Sirenhead games out there by far, top 3 at least. The hiding mechanics were a bit hard to figure out at first but doable. 5 stars!


Glad you enjoyed it! There's a lot of Siren Head games out there so we definitely appreciate being in your top 3 (especially if SH: Stranded is at the top of those three lol). Thanks!

I promised a second part! Here it is! 

Glad to see you made it to the end! While we don't intend on adding any more story to this game, follow us to learn about our future projects!

Hey i had to stop playing your game because i cut my leg open LMAO and i'm too scared of the sirens!

We did our best to make Siren Head creepy without relying on jump scares, it's good to know it worked! Thanks for playing!

Part one of 2 . I love this game a lot, played the first episode on the old version before updating it.  It's a solid masterpiece of a story in my opinion! I'd love to see a lot more of this. 

Great video! Thanks for the feedback, though we can't take too much credit for the story/lore - the community around Siren Head has done a lot of that leg work, we just put it all together!


Probably the best Siren Head game I've played so far, little bit too much back and forth but otherwise a solid 📣📣📣📣 out of 5.


Thanks for the feedback! Your video was great, especially when Siren Head was just camping the gas station.

Hello there, I tried this game and I must say, this is the first Siren Head game where I actually saw Siren Head as a constant threat. Well, or as a threat at all. I will try to make a full playthrough of this so if your curious then you can check my video. It's completely uncut.

Thanks for the compliment, that was what we were going for! Can wait for a Part 2 of your play through!

Glad to hear and as I promised here is Part 2 but I probably need one more episode. I really wanna finish this.


Ok, this is one of the best Siren Head Game I have played so far! The fear factor is nice and creepy. The graphics are well done. I am so thankful that you added checkpoints, seriously thank you. I grabbed a lot of items but I wasn't sure if they ever had a purpose or just anesthetics (sunglasses? at night?) Overall great job! Only thing feedback I can think of is maybe add more scary parts like a jump scare in one of the sheds.

Thanks for the video and feedback! The chase at 9:55 was the most stressed out I've been watching all the play throughs! Keep up the good work!


I promised to make part 2 on this and here it is! :D

Ah... the good old "The last cinematic doesn't play" bug. We fixed that in the most recent update. Awesome play through though, thanks for making a part 2!

Your welcome I really enjoyed the game! :D

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This video was great! Your reaction when the 'laughs' after the first cinematic was priceless!


Do you have a chainsaw?

Not sure why you'd need a chainsaw, but thanks for playing the game!


Great Game! I will continue it on my next video! :D

Thanks for the play through, can't wait for part 2!


Really cool game, man. Really cool game.

Hope you make another video and beat it, keep up the great work!




That intro clip is great! Thanks for playing the game, can't wait to watch part 2! 



Thanks for playing the game and thanks for the shout out at the end of the video!

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I enjoyed the Game a lot, I wished it was longer, but overall excellent game.

Glad you liked it man and thanks for the little shout out at the end, it means a lot!


Best sirenhead i played. Didn't finish it yet.

Hope you make another video and beat it man! Pro tip: when Siren Head is screaming at you, run away, don't try to hide. 

Noted. 🤔


The best Sirenhead game I've played so far! The sound choices are phenomenal, the game feels super intense which is always good for a horror game. This game gives Sirenhead justice for being one of the scariest creatures. 

Sirenhead's new "ability" shall we call it, is very disturbing and I love every bit of it!

Great job to the devs of this game, you really outdid yourselves with this one! Can't wait to see more from you guys.

Great video! We spent a ton of time on sound, so we’re glad to hear that time paid off! Thanks for playing the game and the awesome compliment!


Really took this to the next level.. completed the game , loved it.. 😀

Thank you so much for playing! The tediousness of running back and forth between places will get fixed in an upcoming patch. 


This is definitely one of the better Siren Head games I've played, especially visually. The model for Siren Head is Phenomenal in my opinion. Although there were some things I complained about (I talk about them at the end of the video), this is overall a great game, and a lot can come from this. Was a fun play. 


Thanks for the feedback! You nailed the AI on the head and our programmer will be increasing that raduis a bit and ensuring Siren Head doesn't stop after 10 feet. Also, were working on some story changes that will hopefully make a big difference in how tedious the game feels. Stay tuned!

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Easily one the best Siren Head games I've played so far! To the devs, thanks for the comment on YT, looking forward to seeing what you come up with next :)

No, thank YOU for playing and enjoying our game!


This is definitely one of the better siren games I have played and definitely the best siren head monster i have seen! The sounds it made, the size and the grotesque nature of siren head was amazing! Keep up the good work my friend! :)

Glad you liked it! We spent quite some time searching for/editing the sounds and creating the model for Siren Head, so those compliments mean a lot! Great video, your reaction at the end was perfect!


I have played a few Siren Head games this is one of the better ones. I managed to beat it in a few tries.

Fantastic intro clip and super smart use of the check point system! Thanks for playing!

No problem, Very ood game. I didn't put it in the video but one time I was leaving the shed walking backwards down the path and watching the siren head.  I bumped a tree and got stuck inside of it with noway of getting out without going to the menu and restarting the checkpoint., just thought I would let you know.


Thanks for letting us know. We'll have to look into that and hopefully patch it soon.


Fantastic game: keep it up. Loved the mechanics


Loved the video, the first time you saw Siren Head transform was the exact reaction we were going for! Thanks for playing!

I can’t flip the beakers at the power station and I can’t reload my saved game the next day. My main problem is the beakers. Anyone know how to help?

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Hi! Previous versions had a problem with the breakers, make sure you're on version 1.1.2 or later. If you are, then I'd recommend taking a look at your current objective in the inventory menu or pause menu. I bet that your current objective is to find the Schematics - which is a requirement to flip the breakers. Thanks :)


Pour les Francophones !

Glad you enjoyed the game! 


My first time playing a Siren Head game, but from what I can tell, this is probably the best one in terms of graphics and overall quality. I think there might be a little too much in backtracking, but overall it was enjoyable. I'm impressed by how many cutscenes you had in this, too. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to your group's future projects.


Thanks so much! We'll definitely be coming out with more projects in the coming months, so stay tuned on our socials!

Looking forward to it

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