*Siren Noise* Version 1.1.2 Available!

Even more great feedback from just a few videos and comments, we have some major updates in this version of Siren Head: Stranded! Here are the biggest changes we made:

  • Graphics Options
    • Menu options for Low/Med/High graphics quality
  • More Checkpoints
    • Saves after every single obstacle completed now
  • Flashlight Charging Change
    • Charges in chunks to align better with the sound
  • Upgraded AI
    • Siren Head won't spawn kill you anymore if you die just after getting a save point
    • Doesn't play sounds during cinematics (and is properly deactivated)
    • More balanced Siren Head aggression
  • Bug Fixes
    • Save file deleted after game win (was causing problems)
    • Dialogue stays on screen for longer (and won't disappear while in the menu)
    • Fixed an issue where the breakers could be flipped before getting the schematics
    • Minor map fixes

Thanks to all those that have already played Siren Head: Stranded. We couldn't have made these changes without your suggestions! We're still listening to suggestions/feedback so if there's something you want to see in the game, let us know by commenting!

- Hex Core

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