Siren Head: Stranded Version Too Point Oh

IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! After almost two weeks of watching let's plays and seeing the same problems come up again and again, we decided to take Siren Head: Stranded one step further with version 2.0! There are a number of quality of life changes as well as some major changes to the tediousness of the game. See the full change list below!

  • Streamlined Story
    • Moved some objectives around and added more opportunities to get the required items before the mission becomes unlocked
    • This does reduce play time (which is usually not good) but we feel that the tedium is almost entirely eliminated and you'll still probably get got by Siren Head a few times - which is all we wanted :)
  • Updated Item System

    • You can now get items out of order (most of them) which opens up the possibility for a more efficient run of the game
    • There are red herring items now, that encourage the player to explore the world (and maybe an easter egg or two as well)
    • We've also changed the item highlight to be more noticeable and look better
  • A Whole New World
    • Not really, there's just one extra path leading down from the power station to the mobile home park so that it's harder to get stuck with Siren Head up there
  • Siren Head Is A Little Nicer

    • It won't hang around extremely close to you for as long as before (also, fewer 10 foot movements while it's menacing you)
  • Updated Cinematics

    • A few cinematic changes, but mostly the player doesn't run like the flash in the fourth one
  • So Many Bugs!!!
    • Like, seriously, so many....

Thanks for sticking around and giving us so much support over the past few weeks, it has been incredible! Siren Head: Stranded has been a blast to make and it's so cool to see so many people almost soiling themselves on camera because of something we make. Wait... well, you know what I meant...

Who knows what's next!? Maybe Markiplier or JackSepticEye will grace us with a play through of Siren Head: Stranded 2.0.... It definitely wouldn't hurt to ask them...

- Hex Core

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Aug 13, 2020

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I just want to report a bug that isn't frustrating but it does make the game easy to beat, you can pick up things in the shed through the walls and easly get the pliers without unlocking the door. i hope this helps improving the game more.